Logo Design

Logo design information of Lalaland Wiki.

First Logo Design Contest (July 2009)

Contest Details

We are currently finding our first logo. So send in your designs!


- Lalaland (another world like earth)


- Logo must contain the word "Lalaland" only.

- Logo should be in the
PSD (Photoshop) format (contains all the layers and fonts; send in the fonts too!) PNG format and other formats

- And common sense


Send in your logos (with all the files needed) to
lalalandcommission [@] (Remove the [ ] brackets and spaces)


The current deadline is Friday July 31,2009 Send in your logos before this day! (We may accept one day lates because of time zone difference)


After submitting, your logo will be chosen by the staff/admin or maybe voted online. This depends on the entries recieved.


By submitting, you agree that your designs may be modified, editted and used by us in any way. Further information about the license will be discussed at a later time.

Have fun!

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