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Welcome to Lalaland Wiki! The home of Lalaland. Currently, there are 3 articles. Please help expand Lalaland Wiki!


According to Wiktionary,


  1. A fictional, nonphysical place where people out of touch with reality live and where nonsensical ideas come from; often used sarcastically pertaining to where one's mind has gone
    Where have you been: Lalaland? (said to a person whose mind was wandering.)
    She lives out in Lalaland. (said of a person considered out of touch with reality)

So I've the wiki for an imaginary world called "Lalaland!" This wiki is dedicated for the Lalaland world and functions like a real world. It has everything from humans to animals, but everything is your imagination. Anything can happen here! Let's get started

Getting Started

Lalaland Coming Soon...

Logo Design

Currently, we do not have a logo. So why not design one for us! Send in your logo designs for Lalaland Wiki.

Logo Design Information

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